Nightmare on Two Wheels

As Alabama’s status grows in cycling circles, we’re bound to see more cyclists traveling the local country and mountain roads. This is a good thing. Cycling is one of the “clean” tourism economies generating critical tax revenue and generating local jobs growth. We want cyclists and their families to visit us, and we want them to tell others how great cycling is in Alabama. As local residents, we can participate in creating a bike-friendly destination that will attract additional cycling tourists. A simple way to accomplish this is to be a responsible pet owner.

One of the worst experiences a cyclist can have is to be attacked by a dog or to hit a pet or animal in the roadway, yet many residents who live in rural areas don’t keep pets fenced or leashed. It’s a deadly combination that could lead to serious injury or even death, for the cyclist as well as the animal.

Dogs are pack animals, hard-wired to chase prey. To a dog, a speeding cyclist is a prey. Giving your dog boundaries by keeping them fenced or leashed when outdoors–even in the country–is a sign of a responsible, caring pet owner and concerned citizen.

Cats and wildlife can also pose road hazards. Cyclists often travel speeds that do not allow quick stopping. Avoiding impact with an animal can be impossible.

Cyclists ride not only during races but also to train; therefore, they could be out and about at any time. Keep a watchful eye on your pets, and keep them far away from roads– for their safety as well as others.


Upcoming Cycling Events

Alabama Cycling Classic, April 8 & 9

Iron Mountain Challenge, April 22

Cheaha Challenge, May 21

Want to know ways you and your community can become more bike friendly? Link here!



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