Kid-friendly Ideas to Cheer on the Cyclists during ACC!

Looking for ways for you and your family can be part of the Alabama Cycling Classic action during the weekend of April 8 and 9? Following are are a few fun ways to do so:

  • Bring a Sharpie pen to the Noble Street Festival and Sunny King Criterium, Saturday, April 8 between 11 AM and 4 PM. When the pros aren’t racing, they are glad to sign autographs!
  • Register your child in cycling-themed activities during the Noble Street Festival. Link here for information and a registration form.


McClellan Road Race at Buckner Circle


• The tree-lined street at Buckner Circle is a beautiful place to have a picnic and cheer on the riders during the McClellan Road Race on Sunday, April 9. Each racer will pass through this area on each lap, including a ceremonial lap for the starts.

• If you live or work or go to church along Bains Gap Road or Choccolocca Road, there are some great ways to take advantage of the top pro cyclists rolling by. Remember, these women and men do this for a living as professional athletes, so make sure they feel welcome:

• Hold a “pedal party” in your front yard with a picnic. The louder the better! Bring out the cow bells and noise makers. The riders love to hear encouragement, so cheer them on!

• Involve the kids by creating signs to cheer on the racers. Welcome signs would be greatly appreciated by the pro riders, as well as the race officials and public safety officers who are part of the race caravan. American flags are always nice to see along the way too!

• A fun way for kids to get souvenirs is to create a “target” for the racers to toss their water bottles. Use a basketball hoop over a big bucket and don’t forget to put a sign for the riders to see – how about “Throw bottles here!”

• Make sure to use the streaming app to listen to the web cast of the road races (starting at 10 a.m. CT). Brad Sohner will call the action on this broadcast, available at

What are other ways you can celebrate? Take photos of your celebrations, upload them to Instagram and tag us @helloanniston!


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