Record-breaking rainfall across the region has resulted in rapid growth of grass and weeds around the City. You may feel as though you are up to your eyeballs in green! Please know that City crews are working continuously to manage the grass cutting. Keep the following in mind:

  • Not all overgrown grass is the city’s responsibility. Per city ordinance, Sec. 12.13, it is the responsibility of property owners with property contiguous to city right-of-ways to maintain grass cutting on those right-of-ways. Failure to do so may result in abatement and liens on the property to recover costs associated with maintenance. Contact Public Works and/or Tana Bryant, Senior Code Enforcement Officer, 256-231-7733, about areas of concern.
  • The recent rainfall and resultant grass growth is not normal and requires that City of Anniston Public Works and Parks & Recreation departments allocate additional resources, i.e., equipment, time and manpower. City budget constraints limit the number of additional resources that can be allocated. Priority is given to locations where high grass creates a safety hazard for motorists.
  • Ditches drain stormwater runoff. Blocked ditches don’t. Place grass/brush clippings on the right-of-way at least 20-ft away from ditches and help avoid flooding.
  • Pick-up crews can reach more areas of the City faster when grass and brush piles out for pick-up are clean of plastic pots, paint cans, concrete blocks, and other non-compostable items.

Thank you for all you do to keep our City looking beautiful!


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