Potholes and Problems

Question: Which of the following should you report to Anniston City Hall?

a. Power out in southeast Anniston

b. Pothole on Wilmer Avenue

c. Broken water pipe on 10th Street

d. Error on property tax

e. All of the above

If you answered “b” you are correct.

It may surprise some citizens to learn that many commonly reported issues aren’t under the jurisdiction of the city hall; although, helping create a more user-friendly city is certainly our concern. We can help citizens navigate the roles and responsibilities of city departments as well as connect them with numerous local agencies to resolve issues — whether it’s an overgrown lot or the welfare of an elderly citizen.

Collaboration is critical in creating and maintaining strong, vibrant communities. Whereas city hall may not be directly responsible for specific issues that are reported to us, our partnerships with numerous local, state and regional agencies may offer connections to possible solutions.

In these partnerships, the City is often represented by volunteers appointed by city council members. (Link here to a list.) These appointments are intended to enhance communication between city hall, those organizations, and the public, as well as better represent the diversity of our citizenry. Often times, these volunteers bring expertise and experience to the partnership that would otherwise be lacking.

Elected official are also a good source for reporting issues. City council members live near you and best understand the impact of a problem on the fabric of the community. Keeping them informed helps them work together as a council to address broader, systemic city issues. Contact your city council person or state legislator for assistance. 

For assistance with health and human service issues, dialing 211 will connect you with agencies that assist with the elderly, the disabled, those who do not speak English or those who are having a personal crisis.

Do you know of other helpful resources? Let us know and we’ll update our list for everyone’s benefit.

If you have a problem you would like to report give us a call at 256-236-3422 or complete this easy-to-follow form through the Assistance Center online at annistonal.gov.






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