Solutions to U.S. 431/Henry Road Corridor Discussed

City personnel from police, fire, engineering and city planning departments, Jack Draper, Mayor of Anniston, Millie Harris, Ward 4 Council Person, and representatives from Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and the trucking industry met Monday, July 10, to discuss measures to improve the corridor of U.S. 431/McClellan Veterans Memorial Parkway from Henry Road to the Coleman/Choccolocco Road intersection where another fatal accident occurred on Friday, July 7.

ALDOT has been involved in an engineering study of the U.S. 431 corridor for the past several months, and today ALDOT representatives were able to address several solutions proposed by the group. City Manager Kent Davis, who had called the meeting of city management personnel and others, urged “swift and immediate action.” ALDOT agreed to expedite the engineering study, and proposed intermediate and long range phases of improvements.

Afterward, Davis said many of the ideas that were discussed came from the citizens who live and work near the intersection or drive through it regularly, including comments left on social media for the City’s consideration.

Davis explained, “These are the people that are witnessing the problems and seeing the patterns. I want them to know that City Hall is taking this seriously. I want to tell them, ‘Here’s what we are going to do, and here is what ALDOT is going to do.’”

Over the next two days, ALDOT engineers will be on site at the intersection evaluating the impact of making the immediate actions that were suggested during the meeting today. These include changes to traffic signalization timing and placement and design of road signage.


ALDOT employees at the Coleman/Choccolocco Roads and U.S. 431 intersection on Tuesday, July 12.


City of Anniston Police Chief Shane Denham said the Department had increased patrols of the U.S. 431 corridor and intersection prior to the most recent accident, and that motorists can expect to see an even stronger police presence along the corridor. The Department’s investigation of the July 7 fatal accident is ongoing.

These are the people that are witnessing the problems and seeing the patterns. I want them to know that City Hall is taking this seriously.

— Anniston City Manager Kent Davis

Over the next two weeks, ALDOT will study the corridor of U.S. 431 from the Henry Road junction to the Choccolocco/Coleman Roads intersection with the goal of producing intermediate solutions that can be made within a month. ALDOT explained that long range improvements will be more complex and will require research into seasonal traffic patterns, topography and environmental conditions. No timeline was given for the long range phase.

Jack Draper, Mayor of Anniston said he was pleased with ALDOT’s willingness to work with city of Anniston representatives. “First, our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals and families of last Friday’s accident,” said Draper. “Today, we put everything on the table. No idea was off limits.”



6 thoughts on “Solutions to U.S. 431/Henry Road Corridor Discussed”

  1. I don’t think that anything can be done to fix the problem. Drivers are going to speed if they want. It is the drivers’ responsibility .

    Debra Gulledge Cox
    Golden Springs Resident of 55 plus years.


    1. I have only been over that road one time. I have lived in Anniston all my life till I got married around the same time the road was getting put in.. I was down seeing family not long after the road opened and let me tell you I have been over my far share of hills and mountains but I will never go on that road again unless I just have to. everyone was going whatever speed that wanting to and didn’t care what the speed limit was and they wont care. and Don’t even think that having more cops on that road will help the problem..


  2. I think they should place caution lights just as traffic starts down the mountain going toward Golden Springs and should install speed breakers.


  3. I would at least like to see delays in the lights before they are turned to green. Let all 4 sides be red for 4-5 sec. then turn one side green. I also believe as “car” drivers we can do a better job of looking both ways before entering the intersection. This would force us to wait therefore eliminating pulling out into traffic that is trying to beat the light.


  4. I’m glad y’all are at least looking at solutions. I wish it had been sooner. That was my Papa Jim that was taken away from me on Friday. Maybe no one else will have to get hurt or die there. Something has got to be done.


  5. Speeding is a real concern, along with “distracted” driving. I moved from Alexandria to Golden Springs and I now drive this stretch daily with my children in tow. The recurring problem that I have noticed is speeding and people on their phones. I LOVE the presence of law enforcement that I have seen the last 2 days in the area. As I am passed by speeding motorists I pray their is an officer to handle them and their idiocy ahead. It’s just not worth lives! I have seen several “sports cars” using the road as a drag strip. I love the shortcut of the bypass and I think it is great and all. But people have got to install morals and common sense!


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