It’s a “Commit to Health” Summer in Anniston!

Anniston Parks and Recreation has been busy with our Commit To Health summer! As part of our Healthy Out of School Time grant from the National Recreation and Parks Association, all community centers and the Aquatic and Fitness Center are now Commit To Health sites. Each site promotes healthy living through healthy eating and physical activity.

June was Berries and Peppers month. Day Camps at Hodges Community Center and the Aquatic and Fitness Center enjoyed various activities from “Red Pepper Green Pepper” to Tasty Treats to try new foods. In July we will be learning about tropical fruits and melons.


For more information, see one of your local centers or follow the Anniston Aquatic and Fitness Center on facebook or twitter.


You Can Judge a Hydrant by the Color!

Have you ever noticed the multi-colored fire hydrants in the greater Anniston area? If so, you may have wondered who developed their color schemes. The colors currently used within the Anniston Fire jurisdiction come from the Insurance Service Office’s (ISO) color coded recognition format. Each hydrant has a color format that visually informs a firefighter of the size of the water main and the gallons per minute flow (gpm) available at the hydrant — critical to quickly extinguish a blaze.

Every year, participants with the Opportunity Center paint hundreds of fire hydrants, and the Anniston Fire Department flow-tests every hydrant in the system or jurisdiction. The Anniston Water Works Engineering Department monitors the flow test results to guarantee that adequate pressures are maintained throughout the system. It’s a great partnership between two organizations that creates a cost saving benefit to all the ratepayers of the system.

So, unlike a book, you can judge a hydrant by its cover!

(Source: Reprinted with permission from the Anniston Water Works. Link here to the original version.)


Pictured above: A firefighter with the Anniston Fire Department tests a hydrant in Golden Springs.

Spotlight on Citizen Boards and Commissions: The Anniston Planning Commission

Members of Anniston City boards, councils, and commissions serve as vital links between Anniston’s citizenry, its elected officials and city administrators. They bring valuable expertise and experience to decision making and guarantee that all of Anniston’s citizens are represented in the shaping of their city. Continue reading Spotlight on Citizen Boards and Commissions: The Anniston Planning Commission

Do You Know Where the Rain Goes?

The question was met with blank stares. It was fairly early in the morning, perhaps too early to ponder such a question. City of Anniston Civil Engineer Lance Armbrester had just asked a group of Anniston High School students where they thought stormwater went after going down a city street drain. Continue reading Do You Know Where the Rain Goes?